Tuesday, July 8, 2014

That's right... grain free

I'm doing a 60 day no grain challenge. My primary motivation is to fix my knee so I'm trying to eliminate those things that are inflammatory. And, for me, giving up grains is a decent heuristic. What's success? Basically, a knee that does what it did. Some questions:

So, paleo?

  • Pretty much. 
Are you gluten intolerant?
  • No... but my boys are so it probably makes sense for me to avoid it. That said, it seems that everything that I know that I shouldn't eat has wheat and/or gluten so I'll give it up.
No grains... at all?
  • I will make a few minor exceptions. I'm giving myself up to about 1/2 cup of cold white rice a day. It's the sushi exemption. Cold white rice also has a good hit of resistant starch so I'm okay with it.
  • I'm going to eat corn on the cob at the cottage during the month of August. Why? Because it's absolutely delicious.
  • I'll try not to be an ass. If an old friend buys me a beer, I'll drink it; if my kids bake me a birthday cake, I'll eat it; if a village of starving peasants honours me with a tray of cucumber sandwiches, I'll eat them! You get the idea.
What will you eat?
  • There's the meat in my freezer (lots) and my garden is really just crushing it with kale. That will do for now.
What about bacon?
  • I love it but I've discovered that it can't be a staple. For whatever reason, saturated fat sends my LDL high. I'm not convinced that high LDL is a bad thing, but in general I feel that any metric that is three or four standard deviations beyond the mean is potentially dangerous.
What drove you to this?