Thursday, July 10, 2014

One new skill and 20 minutes of drill

It's a new slogan of sorts for me:

Everyday: One new skill and 20 minutes of drill

The idea came to me in the context of BJJ. What can I do everyday to become better? I have four kids and a busy life that often keeps off the mats so what can I do? It occurred to me that I could work to learn (or at least research) a new technique or opening every day. BJJ is a gift that never stops giving and there is a wealth of techniques to learn. I don't need five or ten every day; I just need one.

So, I can learn one new skill a day... but I'll probably forget that skill almost as quickly. Therefore, I also have to drill in order to lay down the basis for remembering. BJJ is best learned with a partner but I'll do what I can without one. Hip positioning for guard work, for example, just takes a heavy bag and daily repetition.

One new skill and 20 minutes of drill makes sense for BJJ. But it also works for other domains. Want to get better at your job? What about your relationships? How about your other hobbies? Just ask:

  • What do I have to learn?
  • What do I have to practice?
And do it every day.